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In this page you will find answers to frequently questions about buying and using Any DVD Converer. There are also self-service and contact information available here.

If you need to find license code for your Any DVD Converter program, you can contact us at any time you need support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Any DVD Converter rip DVDs and burn DVDs?

Any DVD Converter can rip DVDs to MP4, AVI, FLV, MPEG, WMV and many other formats. The current version of Any DVD Converter can not burn DVDs.

Can Any DVD Converter rip protected DVDs?

No. Any DVD Converter will not rip DVDs that are protected by CSS or other digital rights protections.

I ordered but did not receive license code. Why?

You will receive the confirmation email with license code upon the transaction of your order. Please check your inbox.

If you do not receive confirmation email with license code, please check the spam folder to see if the auto-generated email is marked as spam.

If there is no confirmation email at all, then it must be blocked out by the filter of your email service provider.

To retrieve your license code, you can email us at

How to rip DVD to a whole video file, but not separated files?

You can go to the main window of Any DVD Converter, click "Edit-> Options-> DVD Ripping", and check the box "Do not separate a DVD video disc as titles".

How to rip DVD movies by chapter?

Go to the right panel, on DVD Options, specify the chapters you want to rip and convert, for instance, 04 – 08, or 20 – 20.

How to rip DVD movies by title?

Please make sure "Do not separate a DVD video disc as titles" is unchecked.

On the source files panel, select the titles you want to rip and convert.

How to rip a certain segment of DVD movie?

1. Use trimming buttons. There is a line of editing buttons under the preview window. You may click Start Point and End Point to select a certain segment of DVD movie to be ripped.

2. Specify start time and stop time manually. Go to the right panel, find Output Duration, enter start time and stop time.

How to change language settings?

Language setting feature is available only for Any DVD Converter if the original DVD file contains multi-language options.

You may go to the right panel of Any DVD Converter, click DVD Options > Audio, and choose one langue from the options.

Is sound normalization available?

Yes. Click on the menu "Edit - > Options - > Audio", adjust the sound normalization in the Audio Volume panel.

Why was I asked to log in YouTube account?

Any Video Converter features downloading videos from Youtube. But this is subject to the Terms of Use of YouTube.

YouTube requires log-in to verify your age to see if you are permitted to access adult contents or contents that may cause uneasy feelings. You shall create YouTube account to download such kind of videos.

How to set YouTube account information?

Once you have YouTube account, you can go to Any Video Converter, click through "Edit > Options > Online Video", and enter your Youtube account information. Now you can download videos from Youtube.

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